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©Pedro Martinez | Volvo Ocean Race

The Ocean Race is an event unlike any other, dating back to its founding as the Whitbread Round-The-World Race in 1973. It is an event for true modern-day adventurers – an event at the intersection of sport, adventure, technology and travel.


Sailing more than 40,000 nautical miles across five continents and ten cities, the race features nine months of competitive sailing from start-to-finish and is often called the longest regularly-held sporting competition in the world.


With its long duration, massive global reach and affluent core audience of adventure-lovers, entry in The Ocean Race for 1 Degree provides a unique partnership platform for any potential partner or sponsor interested in a variety of activation opportunities or brand amplification initiatives.


From brand visibility to hospitality to product or company storytelling, 1 Degree can engage and interact with your audience and your present (and future) customers like few other sporting adventures in the world. The race also allows for team sponsors to create their own unique content during the event featuring stunning footage, sailor interviews and fresh photos and videos coming from the boats 24/7 during ocean racing legs. This access to content is a unique aspect of The Ocean Race within the broader sporting landscape.

©Marc Bow | Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 featured the closest finish in race history and notched some impressive statistics in terms of audience figures, including:​​​

2.5 million people visited the 12 Race Villages (+4% over previous race)


94,200 corporate guests (+26%) attended functions during the race period including over 6,500 participants in the Guest On Board program

Over 3,300 hours of television broadcasting generated €429-million in publicity value (+46%


Cumulative TV news audience of just over 2.2 billion (+45%)


194 hours of live coverage was produced


1.9 billion social media impressions, including 200 million video views


71,000 online articles (+10%) and 7,500 (+4%) print stories generated €95-million in publicity value

The Ocean Race 2021-2022 will begin in fall 2021, providing potential sponsors and partners plenty of time to clarify their goals, outline their sponsorships and plan their activations over the next two years.


1 Degree have opportunities ranging from smaller supplier-level partners to higher-level sponsorships with prominent logo visibility on the boat and sails.


Imagine your company logo on a cutting-edge 60-foot racing yacht sailing around the world spreading a message of ocean health and a call to action around environmental engagement.


Partner with us to start making your 1 Degree of a difference towards positive change! 






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