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1 Degree Sailing Team Launched by Charlie Enright & Mark Towill

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

1 Degree, formerly 55 South, will continue to use its newly branded sailing team as a platform to promote sustainable solutions and ocean health to millions of fans and sailors worldwide.

© Martin Keruzore | Volvo Ocean Race

Top American offshore sailors Charlie Enright (Bristol, RI) and Mark Towill (Kaneohe, HI) have launched their 1 Degree sailing team this past month with the aim of winning world's premier round-the-world sailing race - The Ocean Race - while using the team as a platform to promote the message of sustainable solutions and ocean health to millions of fans, sailors, and audiences worldwide.

Enright and Towill’s team was previously named 55 South, but the sailing duo chose 1 Degree to emphasize the notion that impacting and changing everyday behavior as people, even by just one degree at a time, can have a huge effect on the overall environmental health of our planet. 

"By making small changes in behavior across our daily lives, we can make a big impact on improving our environment and planet's health,” said Towill. “As advocates for the ocean and sustainability in all spheres of influence, our 1 Degree team hope to be leaders by keeping the health of our oceans at the forefront of our decision-making processes. We carry that responsibility to influence and inspire as both athletes and sailors every day."

Enright is the Co-Skipper of the team and responsible for the sailing and performance aspect of 1 Degree, while Towill is a Co-Skipper and CEO, 1 Degree, overseeing business development and sponsorship side of the campaign. The team has also brought on long-time sail racing operations executive Bill Erkelens as COO, 1 Degree.

“We’re excited to slowly start putting the pieces in place for another run at The Ocean Race,” said Charlie Enright. “Since the day after the last race finished, Mark and I have been thinking about what we need to put together a strong campaign for 2021 and we’re pleased to have officially formed 1 Degree as a team to formally kick-off that process.”

After racing together in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 for Team Alvimedica, Enright and Towill joined up with global wind-power giant Vestas (Denmark) and Rhode Island-based 11th Hour Racing to enter Vestas 11th Hour Racing in a campaign for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.

It was during that campaign that Enright and Towill fully embraced the unique ability of sport to educate people, influence fans and affect change across the world – focusing on the topics of ocean health, climate change and clean seas so dear to any sailors’ heart.

With 1 Degree, they are again working hard on a return to The Ocean Race with that same message and mission -- and a commitment to work to put together the best possible campaign to win The Ocean Race with the start over two years away in fall 2021.

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